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They say that a house is not a home. That’s true when evaluating video production houses. Anyone who can afford it can purchase or lease the requisite equipment. It’s the people who use the equipment and, more importantly, who do your editing that really count.

What should you be looking for in a video production partner? In short, a company that will treat you like an executive producer. That may sound, at first, like you’re in for an all-consuming activity that will pull you away from running your business indefinitely. Not to worry. The aspect that is important is that you must have final approval of the elements and content of your message after the production pros have taken your direction and worked on components for you to review. And, when handled properly, the process of reviewing work can be done very conveniently.

The amount of desired participation in the process of conceiving, planning, shooting and editing a video varies from individuals who have little interest in the minutia of a project and are just looking for experts to bid it, do it and deliver at or above expectations, to others who want to micro-manage the project (not a good idea). Wherever you fall on that axis, just be sure you see a willingness on the part of your production company to LISTEN to what you’re trying to do, UNDERSTAND your target audience, PLAN the project in a way that works for you, and map out key intervals for you to REVIEW project components in time to tweaking to occur.

A good production house should welcome your presence in the edit suite to review finished work and revise as needed. But, short of that, edited video can be posted online in a password protected location for you to review prior to final edit. This makes sure everything’s headed in the right direction without you having to take time to travel to a studio.

Red flags should occur if you get a sense that your opinions don’t matter, or that you are getting a boiler plate, formulaic approach from a vendor. You are in business and succeeding because there is something you are doing and offering that is unique in your marketplace. That needs to be told in your media, and no one knows that story like you.

​Director Doug

<![CDATA[WHAT DOES HAVING A MARKETING VIDEO SAY ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?]]>Mon, 08 Jan 2018 20:36:56 GMThttp://cortronmedia.com/directors-blog/what-does-having-a-marketing-video-say-about-your-businessPicture
If your video Is professionally done, it says a lot! Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with media professionals.

Your Script is a Basic Marketing Plan

Developing a script for your video helps you to answer a very significant question – why should people do business with you? In fact, if you’ll take a moment to jot down a short answer to that question now, it can be of real benefit. How you convey what you’ve just written has a big impact on your bottom line.

Market According to the Ways that People Learn

Why would video be the best method of telling your story? Because video is the medium that incorporates important cues for all three types of learners: visual, auditory, and hands on. 
Some people simply must see something to understand it. Video footage is the next best thing to “being there.” And bullet point graphics give emphasis and bring the message home. 
Others digest information by hearing it. A well-written video narration, as described above, meets that challenge.
Even those who need to do something in order to learn, can easily picture using a product or service by watching footage of someone doing exactly that.

Finish with a Call to Action

An effective video presentation should conclude with a strong appeal for people to do something – contact you, visit a retail location, fill out an online survey form, or make an online purchase. 

Marketing that Reflects Well on You

If you incorporate these approaches, your prospects will gain a very positive first impression of your company. That’s why it’s important for your media to reflect the same professionalism you practice in delivering your products or services. No one wraps a gift of expensive jewelry in dirty tissue paper.

Project Samples

Click on the following link to see some examples of our professional video techniques.

​Director Doug
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Wikipedia has a pretty good definition of digital marketing:

Digital marketing (also known as data-driven marketing) is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.”

Deciding whether to market digitally reminds me of a seminar I attended in the late 1990s. The speaker, who apparently had the credentials to make the following statement, said,

“The Digital Revolution will outstrip the Industrial Revolution.”

As someone who is old enough to have witnessed a good part of the Industrial Revolution, the speaker’s statement gave me pause. I found myself wondering whether he was correct.

But with what has happened in the intervening years, I don’t doubt the veracity of his statement, now, at all.

I have a similar feeling about whether anyone selling products or services needs to embrace marketing digitally. If you need convincing, think about what we just witnessed with relatively quiet stores during the traditional “Black Friday” shopping weekend.

National newscasts featured alarming reports that lower in-store sales meant troubled economic waters ahead.

But much of the missing foot traffic was the result of shoppers opting to buy online. And, the more often people do that, the less important it will be for people to physically battle other bargain hunters the day after Thanksgiving.

This seasonal trend could have a powerful impact on how we shop year-round. And that is why it is worth it to embrace the learning curve of marketing your products or services online. What’s the quickest way to come up to speed? Talk to a DM consulting professional. Fees are generally reasonable, and are structured as one-time, or on-going for monitoring what your consultant has worked with you to implement online.

Still need convincing? This is a ship that has already sailed. Those who fail to ride this trend will risk drowning it its wake.

Director Doug


<![CDATA[WHAT IS THE EASIEST WAY TO MARKET?]]>Thu, 31 Aug 2017 16:46:02 GMThttp://cortronmedia.com/directors-blog/what-is-the-easiest-way-to-marketPicture
That’s simple –by being referred by a trusted source who recommends you highly.

How do you find those sources, beside your own, sainted mother?

Why not start with your happiest clients?

If all of this sounds too obvious, then why haven’t you done it?  There are several reasons that people hesitate to call on customers to put in a good word.

1 - We don’t want our best clients to be bothered by inquiries.  Great!  Ask them for a one-time statement of endorsement and permission to use it in your marketing materials.

2 - We don’t want to ask customers to “make a list” of possible referrals, because that seems time consuming and, maybe, risky if things don’t work out.  Both are somewhat true, but overcome all of that by making your first contact an offer to refer prospects to THEM.  

What’s the best way to do that?  Call or text your client or take them to lunch and announce that your company is launching a new effort to help good friends in business.  Tell them you want to provide qualified leads for them.  To do so, ask you customer  to describe a great lead for their business.
If all this sounds a lot like an application of the Golden Rule, guess what?  It’s golden for a reason.  It’s also one of the best ways to avoid cold calling!

Director Doug


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The information age is accelerating so rapidly, that many business people are being lost in its wake!

If you’re in sales or wear a part-time sales hat as an entrepreneur, you’ve probably already discovered that traditional cold calling is dead for a simple reason – no one answers their phone any more.

Some try leaving convincing voice messages, or crafting emails to circumvent no one being at the other end of the line. To a very limited degree, these approaches can work, but still fail to generate a good return on time and effort.

So, what’s the answer? One successful approach is targeted online advertising. One of the most widespread and accessible of these services is Facebook advertising.

Facebook ads (graphics or video) can be directed to demographics based on age, interests or location. They can even be targeted to land only on pages containing a particular keyword. And Facebook offers interactivity with viewers who can join your Facebook page and post useful comments.

One of the best Facebook ad benefits is affordability. Advertisers can purchase space in a click-based or impression fee model. And you can set a modest budget limit to control costs.

If you’d like assistance in setting up a program, Cortron Media can help. And in a beautiful irony that overcomes the “no one at the other end of the line” dilemma, we’ll show you a system that results in having qualified prospects call you!

Director Doug


<![CDATA[WHY DOES VIDEO SELL?]]>Mon, 10 Jul 2017 18:30:42 GMThttp://cortronmedia.com/directors-blog/why-does-video-sellCortron Media Director's Blog
Through decades of changing technologies and the resulting shifts in the way companies market - from distributing sales information via U.S. Mail, to posting product information online and in social media, video has been a consistently effective marketing tool.


Perhaps the best way to answer that is to pose another question. As an entrepreneur or sales/marketing manager, do you feel that you can pretty much “sell” any qualified prospect you can get in front of? It obviously follows, that a well-produced video is the next best thing to meeting with every prospect, and the reasons are relatively simple.

Video not only provides a very controlled format to present product information, it is also a powerful way to chip away at a potential customer’s fear of the unknown.  

Basically, none of us wants to be “taken.” So, we look for signs that a company is legitimate, competent, and able to deliver what you need at the right price. A great looking video establishes that you are probably not a wannabe organization that is likely to go belly up before your order arrives. And video can let you express why your products or services are the best solutions to a personal or business need.

You can also stress your consistent track record in delivering all of the above by personalizing the producer/consumer relationship through photos of your people, facilities, and satisfied customers. The last point can’t be over-stated. Real life, happy customers, (not paid actors), who your prospects can readily identify with are one of the most powerful reasons to do business with you.

It is true that video has changed in format from bulky VHS and Super Beta tapes, to DVDs, and now to digital files posted in online “channels.” But the essence of letting prospects “see” you, your company, and what makes you a smart choice in the marketplace remains the same. So, tell your story with moving images, custom graphics, great narration, and the perfect music track.

And don’t forget, online video does some things even you can’t do. It doesn’t take a day off, never has an off day, and while you’re asleep it’s accessible, 24/7.

Director Doug


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Good marketing videos used to be five to seven minutes long and cost $15,000 to $20,000. They were used as mail out, hand out marketing pieces recorded on VHS, then DVDs or mini discs. Later, videos began to be loaded on laptops for marketing reps to present in one-on- one meetings, or projected for group viewing.

Most of today’s marketing takes place on the web or mobile devices. Digital file handling is necessary to store HD video, so DVDs (other than Blu-ray), have given way to thumb drive storage for portability. While the laptop is still a useful sales tool, bigger screen smart phones are also effective.

But social media and web site marketing are often a prospective customer’s first exposure to who you are and what you do. The basic rules for success in those formats is to keep it short, do it well, and lead the viewer to a call to action!

Keeping it short means a run time, (in most cases), of no more than two minutes. Think about it. When you are doing an Internet search for a product or service, you want to find what you need and, if necessary, compare vendors for the best price and quality. But you may only have minutes available to do that. So, the shorter the video, the better.

But marketing effectively and quickly, takes skill and talent. It is not the kind of challenge that most amateurs can master in three tries using their iPad. That approach also doesn’t look and sound professional. The odds are, you are going to come up short in the viewers comparison with a competitive vendor.

If you do make the smart decision to produce your video with a professional, make sure that your presentation’s closing call to action is tailored to how you deliver your product or service. Do you operate a retail location? Provide a reason to buy NOW (sale, product availability), and guide viewers with directions to your location(s). Can shoppers purchase your goods online? Give them an incentive to do that NOW (free shipping, quick delivery options) and provide a direct “buy now” link to the transaction. Do you provide a service that requires fact finding on your part to tailor a selling approach? Then invite viewers to fill out and submit an online survey form. Whatever delivery style you offer, lead the viewer to start engaging with you right now!

How much should a professional video cost? A lot less than it used to. Today’s marketplace demands it and a competent production company should be able to employ content strategies that eliminate the need to shoot new video for everything that you need to say. See our economical entrepreneur’s package here.

Director Doug


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Well, start by looking at your own Facebook newsfeed.  What draws your attention?  Is it photos of your high school classmates’ exceptional grandchildren, a weekly report on someone’s weight loss campaign, or another “inspiring historical quote” by a famous person, that meant so much to someone, you can’t remember adding to your friends list? Hardly.

But what is your response when you’re sifting through all the above and see a play arrow over an interesting frame of a video?  Is that something you’re more likely to look at, particularly if the video has a short run time?  And what if the video producer had a way to learn ahead of time that YOU would be interested in the topic, and, directed it specifically to your newsfeed?

Does all of this stir your interest?  If you’re a business owner, it should!  The impact of posting videos online is even more powerful considering  the size of your potential audience.

According to The World Population Clock, Earth’s population is 7.5 Billion people.  Out of that, according to Internet Live Stats, there are 3.6 Billion Internet users worldwide. More importantly for many individuals, social media platforms have become the standard of communicating with anyone they’re not speaking to directly.  Click here for eBizMBA's list of top fifteen most popular social networking websites based on global traffic from Alexa and SimilarWeb.

There’s a bonus in all of this, too.  A social media video posted on YouTube or Vimeo  can be viewed instantly via hotlink from, or embedded to, your web site.  And the video can serve as TV advertising or be projected from a laptop to introduce your public speaking appearances.

Finally, the video file can be used as an effective tool in email marketing (once again, embed a link back to a YouTube or Vimeo video, or, include a link as a simple attachment).

Video is a powerful tool that will make you stand out among all the social media chatter.  No photo of the clam linguine someone had for dinner last night will compete with full motion sights and sounds of a well-produced video.  And don’t forget to conclude your video with a clear (and profitable) call to action.

Director Doug


<![CDATA[SEVEN QUICK AND COMPELLING REASONS TO DO A MARKETING VIDEO]]>Tue, 04 Apr 2017 19:29:10 GMThttp://cortronmedia.com/directors-blog/seven-quick-and-compelling-reasons-to-do-a-marketing-videoCortron Media Director's Blog
Some people remember best what they hear, others what they see, and some by what they can reach out and touch.  Video comes closest to communicating all three.

  • Having an effective marketing video produced for your site conveys that you are professional and well-established.
  • Most viewers readily click on a play arrow before reading a full page of tightly-spaced text.
  • Viewing even a short video keeps web visitors engaged six times longer on your website.
  • A clear, video call to action is a high percentage play in getting prospects to call, text, or email an inquiry, or visit a retail store.
  • Internet search engines heavily weigh having a  video that mirrors keyword text from a business website.  This boosts SEO (search engine optimization) and makes it far more likely you'll be found in online searches for the very services or products that you provide.
  • You can greatly increase your marketing impact by posting a video to your social media pages, and that's not hard to do.
  • Embedding a hot link to your marketing video in targeted emails is a simple but powerful networking strategy.

Director Doug


<![CDATA[WHY NOT MAKE YOUR OWN BUSINESS VIDEO?]]>Wed, 01 Mar 2017 14:37:52 GMThttp://cortronmedia.com/directors-blog/whynotmake-your-own-business-videoDirector's Blog for Video Production
Now that HD quality cameras are included with the latest tablet devices and smart phones, doing your own marketing videos can sound like a smart idea. It is true that the technology upgrades to these devices are amazing.  However, you need more than technology to create a video that reflects the professionalism of your products and services - and that first impression is vital!

We’ve all had the experience of sitting at a traffic light while a contractor pulls up beside us in a work vehicle.  If their company truck or van has a decent paint job, is clean, and clearly displays the business name, phone, and a memorable tag line - that’s great advertising!  But what if you hear or smell the vehicle approaching before making eye contact?  If it is rusted, has a muffler dangling, and, the operator’s tattooed arm menacingly flicks cigarette ashes toward the child in your passenger seat, are you going to scramble to jot down the web address?

Similarly, if your home-made video starts with you resettling into your seat after leaning forward to press an iPad record button, you’re off to a bad start.  If your “hello” sounds like you are recording in a tin can, the busy pattern on your outfit jitters in video playback, and sunlight streaming into your “studio” makes it hard for viewers to tell whether you’re twenty-nine or ninety,  the content of your message won’t matter.

But maybe you think you can’t afford to hire a professional production company.  That may be true.  But if you find one that’s mastered important cost-saving techniques like offering in-house narration and creative services, and employs of stock photos and video footage whenever possible, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Look for a company that includes a good number of non-profits in their client mix.  Most .orgs are chronically under-funded, but they still have important messages to tell.  The right production company knows how to do that in a professional way, without breaking a modest budget.

Director Doug